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How to select bedroom curtains

one of the purposes of the patterned curtains is home decoration, bedroom curtains are one of most popular curtains on the market, design a variety of styles, whether it is on the dotted color, or on the distinctive style, gave consumers a great choice of space, you can mix their own to add luster to the bedroom . So, bedroom curtains choose what learning it?

To take into account the mix of fitness.You need to match the bedroom curtains with the bedroom well, or you will make your bedroom look a., it is very clean, not clean, visual effects and master's mood. Bedroom curtains are generally smooth color choice, static effects, cannot choose warm or cool colors, so the impression is not very good, such as the bedroom with a red-brown furniture, you can choose beige curtains.
Color selection should pay attention to, not what color to use, this will cause the entire bedroom with appear disorganized, select the appropriate curtains will make the whole layout give an elegant, warm atmosphere. In selecting bedroom curtains when some of the following colors do not choose, because this is not good with colors, the bedroom will bring incongruity. In general, red with green will be very coordinated, and blue with orange is also very coordinated.
But home decor bedroom wikipedia curtains very important, whether it is in relatively good economic conditions metropolis, or in the relatively poor economic conditions in rural areas, people carry home decoration curtains are essential, especially during the marriage, choice a festive bedroom curtains can bring cheerful atmosphere to the wedding and the marriage room.